We Care for People

Taking care of the society at large with all the available resources that we have is an imperative that we can't part with, with a causal display of CSR activities for the namesake. We care and we mean it as we do it through various means toward the larger good of the society. It's a give and take that is mutual and beneficial for a sustainable growth of the company. It leverages moral aspect of the employees as they partake in our endeavours as we reach out to the unprivileged and the unreached ones. Taking our initiatives one step further each endeavor we have built community halls and enhanced public spaced for people to cherish. We have provided MGM hospital with an ambulance as an extension of services towards health sector. We have been doing frequent medical camps year round which have benefited many rural areas. As a part of community building program we constructed a Community hall at Bendri. Each project is an accomplishment of our will and resolve to better humanity through