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Roti, Kapda and Makan, have always been the bare necessities that validate progressive existentialism. Roti is an absolute essential. But if you figure in the pyramid of existence as working class or above then yes you need more than few Rotis. The Makan amongst all is one of the foremost and probably the most expensive to afford (besides opulent apparels) which you can’t beg for in a bowl.

Life was fairly simple for the humble peasant or an artisan, about a century ago. All he would need were a few digs of wet mud, some bamboo chops or any available timber for that matter to strengthen the cores of the mud structure. And lo! a roof for living happily ever after. Not so anymore with an exponential explosion of population making India the second most populous nation with population density that might give the bacterias inhabiting the human gut complex! Mud houses would probably the the last thing, the IT enabled civilization would want to move ahead with. With the advent of novel technologies and construction materials (read Cement and assorted materials), the world was caught in a housing revolution never seen before ever since, the forefathers left the existential caves.

Policies and swathes of ‘em to equip everyone a roof above their head enabled many to construct homes that were beyond the reach of the marginalized.  


Cementing a better Makan | a brighter future

Affordable housing across the continent has been made possible with the development of Cement.

This humble limestone product, quite literally cemented a platform for constructions of reasonably low cost housing structures to constitute a roof above the head and four walls of fortified shelter! Couple it with the available age ol’ technology of Iron beams and rods to strengthen the foundation, the walls and the ceiling, you have a fortified dwelling for the masses.

The foundation of an strengthened house has been TMT Bars (and rebars) since their development. Although there has been even more high fidelity steel and iron products in development that would give the TMT Bars a run for their money, yet its affordability and pure bonding between Cementing elements makes it the favored choice amongst a plethora of available alternatives.

Why TMT Bars?

TMT Bars have time and again, proved to be more efficient and functional owing to its properties that succeeds its predecessors. Its malleability and ductility and flexibility with abounding core strength have been a boon to the affordable housing over the last few decades that have seen a rise in lantern housing projects across the hinterlands. The TMT Bars not only provide a sustainable and scalable solution to the leverage the housing and construction sector as a whole but it’s various grades namely Fe 600, Fe 550, Fe 500, Fe 415 etc. provides utility across a diverse requirements of construction. More on the same in our next article TMT BARS: FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY in which we shall briefly go through the basic features and functionality of various grades of TMT Bars available in the market.